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A Contemporary Take on Some Classic Cocktails

How to add a little extra class to your very own household.


Martinis, mojitos and the timeless old fashioned 'how come cocktails that were popular a century ago continue to remain the choice of drinkers all over the world today?'

You could blame TV. More specifically, you could blame Mad Men. Don Draper's choice? A refined and easily created bourbon-based old-fashioned. And what about Betty Draper? Well, she likes a Tom Collins. And Roger Sterling drinks Gibsons. Bartenders will tell you this show has influenced cocktail culture more than most things, usually as they prepare yet another old fashioned!

Most people agree the cocktail resurgence is a response to a few things. Firstly, we've all been pounded over the head with beer and wine and we want something new! As people have become more interested in preparing their own food and drinks, cocktails are back. Stir in some popular culture, and you got yourself a recipe for a supreme beverage comeback.

At The Hazy Rose in Sydney, the bartenders are well aware of the newfound appreciation of the classics. Their cocktail list includes modern takes on drinks like sidecars, daiquiris and mint juleps. Their current hit is the whiskey sour 'a drink that can be traced back to the late 1800s. They say that as people are becoming more interested in cocktails, they want to try new things, and that a Tom Collins is a great way to get started.

Everything old is suddenly very new again, and the beauty of this is that we now know how to enjoy many of these options at home. So try this take on the Tom Collins:

Betty's Choice

  • 2 parts gin
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • 1 dash sugar syrup
  • soda water
  • orange slice
  • maraschino cherry

Combine the ingredients in a tall glass and fill with ice. Stir ingredients and top with soda water. To finish, add the orange and cherry as garnish. What's good enough for Betty Draper is good enough for all.

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