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A Surprising Singapore Sling

We take this perennial favourite and give it a delicate twist. Don’t worry, it still comes with a maraschino cherry.


If you’ve been anywhere near Singapore, with its year-round tropical climate, you’ll have a visceral understanding of how important a thirst-quenching cocktail can be. That’s why Ngiam Tong Boon, the barman at Raffles, was a genius. His invention, the Singapore Sling, was a lifesaver in colonial Malaysia.


To make your own Singapore Sling here in the 21st century, you’ll need a good-quality gin first up. While you can go for a standard like Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire, some of our local gins, like the West Winds, are pretty darn good too.


Whichever gin you choose, pour some into a cocktail mixer or a jam jar half-filled with ice. Next, add a splash of cherry brandy. Then, squeeze over the juice of a half a lemon. Once all your ingredients are combined, give them a good shake.


While Ngiam’s original Sling uses grenadine and soda, we’ll break with tradition and leave out the red stuff. Instead, pour the contents of your shaker into a tumbler filled with a handful of ice and top it off with Schweppes Mineral Water with Apple & Pink Grapefruit.


This, however, is not yet a Singapore Sling. To complete the recipe, place one maraschino cherry onboard. Now enjoy.



Singapore Sling



Cherry Brandy


Schweppes Mineral Water Apple & Pink Grapefruit

Maraschino Cherry

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