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A Very Alternative Christmas


Now we’re never one to knock a cocktail (or knock back one) but after months of seasonal offerings even the best of us get over all the eggnog, hot toddies, and cranberry concentrate. Sure at first Christmas drinks are a treat, but it’s a lot to keep up with for a month.

We’re obviously not the only ones with a candy-cane-pain, the NY Times feel us. To remedy the situation they asked seven bartenders to come up with their own original alternatives to Christmas favourites.

Mix masters from all over the city came back with offerings including a sweet potato tipple, a new twist on the mojito called Turkey Legs, and a post dinner offering suitable titled Bitter Coffee—no prizes for guessing the ingredients on that one.

It goes to show that Christmas is really the season of invention, and bar tenders are terrible at naming drinks. 


Sweet Potato Dream

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