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Alcohol Free

Reasons that prevent us from drinking alcohol shouldn’t prevent us from consuming an option just as appealing.


Staying alcohol free for a night isn’t all that bad. We’ve all been in that position, and whether by choice or against your own will, there are many options that can keep your palate satisfied.


By using a few fun ingredients and getting a little creative, you will soon realise that there are many different options you can try out and play around with.


By figuring out what flavours will work with various drink choices, you can learn how to bring a little excitement into your alcohol free night. Experimenting with these drinks will also provide a nice conversation starter and allow you to remain involved.


There’s nothing worse than feeling left out, when all your buddies are making a night of it, so here are a few ideas to get you started. Spread the word!


Soda Water

The perfect foundation for a booze-less drink, soda water is a refreshing option that you can use with most ingredients. Fruit, cordials or juices are all basic, yet great to mix with. Grab a glass, muddle some berries with a dash of Schweppes blackberry and vanilla cordial and simply top up with soda water, ice and a wedge of lime or lemon.



Cordial is a great and fruitful substitute for sugar syrup in this alcohol free context. Use it to sweeten and lift the taste of various flavoured mineral waters, muddle it with some herbs and fruit, then top up with ice and your favourite mixer. Why not try a dash of lemon juice cordial with ice, basil and Schweppes apple and pink grapefruit mineral water. The results are rather intriguing in the best way possible!


Tonic Water

Tonic Water is actually great mixed with jam of any fruit variety or even honey. Try mixing the combination with some ice and an orange wedge for an interesting alternative.


Don’t be afraid to use these ideas as a starting point. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to begin with, so use these suggestions and substitute or add ingredients wherever you please!

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