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Beernog anyone?


Congratulations on clicking on a link with the word “beernog” in it! Eggnog can be a hard sell for people who aren’t familiar with it, bourbon and milk seem like a heavy choice during a time of year where you spend most of your time full of turkey and cookies.

If you want to try something different give beer a shot in bourbon’s place. Sure maybe it doesn’t exactly sound like the low-carb choice, but beer and nog have actually been acquainted for longer than you’d think. This is no internet craze, mentions of beer in eggnog go back to the 17th century; interestingly “nog” was actually 1600s slang for strong beer.

You’ll wanna follow that renaissance suggestion when you try making your own, the stronger the beer the better, try get something with a log of malt as that’s the ingredient that gives some beer sweetness. 



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