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Boozy Christmas Gifts

Struggling to find a great Christmas gift for a friend or family member? Why not purchase them a bottle of something perfect for a little cocktail creativity and inspiration?


Christmas is a time when we often put too much emphasis on what to buy for others instead of just enjoying some time together. So with this in mind, rather than getting all stressed about finding the ultimate gift, why not turn to a bottle of something interesting for your (adult) friends or family to enjoy? If they enjoy a good drink every now and then, it will give them a good excuse to experiment with what they've been given, and who knows, you might even inspire the creation of the next classic cocktail!


We thought we'd give you a small range of fail-safe options that might just help you out a little:





Endlessly versatile, vodka is a staple and perfect for an array of differing cocktails. With a neutral flavour base, the great thing about vodka is the fact that anything can be mixed with the ingredient, which therefore makes it great for experimenting with. Whether it's a basic mixer, creative cocktail or inventive infusion you feel like making, vodka should hold its place in any cocktail cabinet. We recommend you get started with a great local brand in Tasmania's 666 Vodka.


Hendrick's Gin


An old favourite amongst bartenders the world over, Hendrick's Gin is quickly gaining popularity in many Australian households. Easily appreciated in comparison to other gins available on the market, Hendrick's is helping people get inventive with its diverse, yet approachable tasting notes. Consisting of full flavoured refreshing and floral profiles, you can easily garnish your Hendrick's gin and tonics with options ranging from obvious fruits such as lemon or lime, fresh cucumber, rosemary, or even a basil leaf.



Sweet Vermouth


The growing appreciation of modern sweet vermouth means that it is now used more intelligently and creatively in cocktails. No longer is this beverage viewed as a dull aperitif ; due to a rising understanding of its balancing flavour qualities, sweet vermouth is now not only used in classics such as negronis, manhattans and various martinis, but also to form a base for exciting fruit-influenced cocktails and mixed with refreshing options such as lemonade, soda or even dry ginger ale. We recommend you try the Maidenii range.





Not to be confused with sake, shochu is a unique Japanese spirit with a higher alcohol content and can often be used in the place of vodka, gin or tequila. Distilled from barley, sweet potato or rice, this beverage holds tasting notes that consist of nutty and earthy flavours, which are great for matching with fruit juices, flavoured teas, sugar syrups, or even a dash of soda water. But the best thing about shochu is the great bottles it's often stored in. If you're after some for yourself, we recommend you visit your local boutique bottle shop!

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