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Cocktail Carbonation

With a little carbonation, basic cocktails are receiving a cheeky little makeover.


Over the past year, countless cocktail bars have been experimenting with the idea of adding extra fizz to their spirit-based cocktails. Although many cocktail purists disagree with the practice - and are even shying away from the concept as a whole - it can't be denied that cocktail carbonation is riding a large wave of popularity.


Put simply, the idea of carbonating cocktails is an attractive one for the drinker. Not only do the bubbles raise the beverage's flavour profile, they also enhance various tasting notes, while offering a different variation on a classic theme.


Due to the added fizz, the cocktail retains its flavour qualities from beginning to end. Dilution no longer plays a part in affecting the flavour or profile of the drink.


Some may view it as wanky cocktail bartending and an unnecessary spectacle, but in the end it really just adds a different dynamic to what we are used to and what we have come to understand classic cocktails to be.


So, how to carbonate a cocktail? Traditionally, a pre-carbonated alcohol such as champagne was added into the mixing process, but this would affect the integrity of the drink. Nowadays, there are all sorts of fancy gadgets, including carbonated cocktail shakers, different keg or tap systems and even personalised bar-top chemistry sets.


But the most common and perhaps most reliable method still seems to be a modern day interpretation of the traditional soda siphon. By mixing the spirits of a cocktail, pouring them into a plastic bottle and then adding some Co2 through the siphon, you can give your cocktail a little fizz and have some fun while doing so.


So why not give it a shot at home? All you have to do is get your hands onto a soda siphon and play around with your spirit mix of choice. Get started by adding some fizz to a Negroni, Sazerac, Martini or even an Old Fashioned. 

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