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Cocktails Fit For Disney


If you thought you were the only one who enjoyed a cold beverage after a hard days work, think again because your beloved Disney hero’s and villains share the sentiment. It turns out that plotting world domination and throwing your tresses out the window is no easy feat—and warrants a celebratory cocktail.

But what are the preferred potions for these Disney characters? What would Aerial sip on in her underwater palace? She’d probably down a Manhattan quickly before her father caught her out, according to Shannon McIntyre Cooper.

The cocktail-obsessed correspondent at Food Riot has some pretty definite ideas of what her favourite Disney characters would savour after their 90-minute work stints. Take Alice from Alice in Wonderland for instance: she’s a bit of loose cannon and would enjoy a Death in the Afternoon cocktail. A potent blend of a generous measure of Absinthe topped up with champagne. 


Follow Alice’s lead with a Death in the Afternoon

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