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Creative Cocktail: Devilish Vodka

Combat the cold with The Devil’s Torch


If you’re feeling winter’s bite, there’s one very effective way to unfreeze those fingers and unblock that nose: The Devil’s Torch. Yep, if anyone knows drinking, it’s Satan – as with music, he gets all the best cocktails.


The Devil’s Torch is essentially a showcase for vodka, so, it’s important to select a good quality one for the job. Naturally, the Russians are the best-known producers of this fiery spirit, but other countries make some pretty impeccable stuff too. Poland’s Belvedere and Sweden’s Absolut are both delicious. Grey Goose (made in France’s Cognac region) is stunning, while New Zealand’s 42 Below is gaining some well-earned cred too.


It’s pretty simple to prepare The Devil’s Torch: simply pour a good splash of your vodka of choice into a cocktail mixer filled with ice. Follow that up with equal amounts of French vermouth (Noilly Prat will do the trick) and a few generous dashes of grenadine.


Shake your Devil and strain into a chilled glass and top off with Schweppes Bitter Lemon. Garnish with a lemon peel and feel the Devil’s Torch begin to light your fire. 


The Devils Torch


French Vermouth


Schweppes Bitter Lemon


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