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Creative Cocktail: A Slippery Nipple


The Slippery Nipple might not have the most pleasant of titles, but it’s a party favourite that’s easy to make.


Filthily named but perennially popular, the Slippery Nipple is simple to make but extremely effective. Unsurprisingly, the Nipple was invented (and named) in the 1980s, along with other classy classics such as the equally gauche Sex on the Beach.


While the Slippery Nipple doesn’t require any flashy mixing or stirring, because it’s a layered drink, there is a bit of a trick to preparing it properly.


To begin, take a small, stemmed glass (it’s not the kind of drink you want in a pint). Pour in a dash of sambuca, that sweet aniseed liqueur. Next, pour in another dash of brandy.


Finally, pour over a slightly smaller dash of Bailey’s Irish Cream. And this is the tricky part: to get that layered look, it’s important to pour it slowly and carefully, otherwise the sambuca and milky Bailey’s will mix to brown.


If you get it right, your drink should be tri-coloured from top to bottom, but if not, you’ll be forced to drink it and try another.



Slippery Nipple



Bailey’s Irish Cream

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