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Creative Cocktail: Prosecco Refresher


When the warmer weather heads their way, the Italians know exactly what to do. Besides breaking out the deckchairs, they uncork a bottle of bottle of Prosecco.

While it’s generally regarded as the poor cousin of Champagne, this Italian sparkling has its own distinct charm. Unlike their friends across the Alps, Proseccos are meant to be crisp, sharp and intensely aromatic. That makes the stuff perfect for when you’re in the mood for something refreshing.

This particular cocktail, the Sgroppino, is fantastic for when you’ve got a few people around. To make it, grab a stainless steel bowl and pour in a whole bottle of Prosecco. Add a cup of vodka and a swig of limoncello, plus the zest of a whole lemon. Finally, spoon in about a cup of lemon sorbet, and whisk the thing until it’s light and airy.

Carefully pour the mixture into some champagne flutes and garnish with a rosemary sprig for aroma.




Lemon Sorbet




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