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Creative Cocktail: A Gin Picnic


With summer just around the corner, all our thoughts are turning to a picnic rug in the park. While it’s unquestionably the place we want to be, unfortunately it’s not always the best venue for an impromptu bar.

The solution, of course, is to prepare your drinks before heading out the door. Called pre-batching in the trade, portable cocktails are actually turning into a big thing in the bar scene.

Pre-batching also allows for some unusual techniques, like infusing your cocktails with tea, as in this portable gimlet.

To create your portable picnic drink, you’ll need a jam jar. Pour in a measure of gin, the juice from a fresh lemon, a dose of simple syrup and a sprig of mint. Finally, dangle in a chamomile teabag, close the lid and stick it in your picnic basket along with a bottle of Schweppes Soda Water.

When you arrive at the park, simply uncap your homemade UDL and top off with soda. Ice wouldn’t hurt if you’ve got it, either.


Chamomile Picnic Gimlet

Chamomile Tea




Simple Syrup

Schweppes Soda Water

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