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Finding A Way Better Use For Your French Press


The best way to impress someone isn’t by making something super fancy from scratch, but to take something that’s kind of lame and turn it into the best thing you’ve ever seen. At least that’s the life lesson I gleaned from Xzibit’s Pimp My Ride. Why else would we be so blown away by him taking a 1980s Corolla and giving it four PlayStations? It’s still a Corolla.

PlayStations are unnecessary in a car (and susceptible to theft), but what is mandatory for life is impressing girls with fancy-not-fancy cocktails—like the kind you can make with your french press. Rather than just relegating it to sitting around when you’ve finished your morning brew, the bartenders at Trillium in Denver, Colorado have created a way to put your press to afterhours use.

It’s incredibly simple. All you need is a drink that has to be steeped for a while—sangria would work, but for Trillium’s experiment they used a Finnish Glogg. It’s usually a Christmas drink, but unless you’re Finnish you probably don’t know that—and chances are your soon to be impressed guest won’t either.


How to make an Orange Glogg

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