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Five smooth introductions to whiskey cocktails

If you prefer drinks with a deeper, bolder flavour, try mixing it up with whiskey. Whether it's Scotch, Irish, bourbon, or rye, this faithful spirit will make friends with just about anything and will do it in style. Ready for a whiskey revelation?


Whiskey Sour

With its perfect blend of sweet, sour and smooth vibes, the classic Whiskey Sour can do no wrong. And who knew egg white could be so impossibly tasty?

Whiskey Sour

The Sazerac

One sip of this New Orleans legend and you’ll be whisked away to Bourbon Street circa 1850s. It’s America’s oldest cocktail and has been the sophisticated drink of choice for generations.


Pear & Maple Old Fashioned

A new-age take on the Old-fashioned, this is one of our favourite ways to enjoy smokey whiskey. Pear, maple syrup and Black Label? Another round, please.

 Pear and maple
 Hot Toddy  


Hot Toddy

One whiff of this hot stuff and you’ll immediately recognise the smell of open fireplaces, Cuban cigars and granddad’s leather Chesterfield. Put your feet up and enjoy.


Go West

Here’s proof that whiskey drinks aren’t always so serious. Make a jug of this refreshing punch, crank up the Pet Shop Boys and get the party started. Go west!


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