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Flavour Match: Apple

Pink Lady (Apple) Jack


With the cooler weather, market stalls are overflowing with crisp, delicious apples. Here’s a cocktail that harnesses their slightly sweet, slightly tart flavour.


With winter well and truly here, so too is a swag of our favourite produce. Oranges, limes, lemons and mandarins are all in season, as are kiwifruit, persimmons and quinces. But if you’ve been down to the markets lately, you’ll also see stalls overflowing with delightfully crisp apples.


Curiously, there aren’t all that many cocktails that feature the slightly sweet, slightly tart flavour of apples, which really is a shame. We, however, have unearthed an old favourite (and given it a contemporary twist).


Named after the Jacquemot, a variety of pink rose, the Jack Rose is a perfect showcase for Australia’s very own apple: the Pink Lady. As we’re going to make a few alterations to the Jack Rose, we’ll rechristen him here at The Cocktail Revolution as the Pink Lady Jack.


Because we’re looking to emphasise the distinct flavour of apples in the Pink Lady Jack, we’ll be using apple brandy, otherwise known as Calvados. Made from fermented apple juice, Calvados is essentially a distilled cider aged in oak casks. The French have been making the stuff since the eighth century.


To begin, fill a cocktail mixer, jam jar or anything with a lid about halfway with ice. Pour in a generous splash of Calvados, a squeeze of fresh lemon and two dashes of grenadine (if you can find grenadine that’s actually made out of pomegranates, more power to you).


Give all your ingredients a vigorous shake, then strain them into a small cocktail glass – or whatever kind of vessel pleases you. Top off the mixture with Schweppes Bitter Lemon and a couple of ice cubes.


Finally, thinly slice a crisp Pink Lady Apple to garnish your Pink Lady Jack, and then pop a cherry on top.



Pink Lady Jack


Schweppes Bitter Lemon



Pink Lady Apple


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