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Flavour Match: Apricot


Right now, stone fruit is filling baskets at the market. While peaches and nectarines often turn up on cocktail lists, their apricot cousins are less frequently found in drinks. That’s a shame, because these juicy, sweet fruits have a subtle tang and a unique texture that makes them perfectly suited to cocktails. 

So here at Cocktail Revolution, we’ve been experimenting with fresh apricots and found this excellent recipe by food writer Kelly Carámbul. To make it, you’ll need three small apricots with the pits removed. Stick the apricots into the bottom of a cocktail mixer, and using your muddling stick, mash them good. Keep mashing until they’re completely pulped, then add a handful of mint leaves and press them gently.

Next, fill the shaker to the top with ice. Pour in a dash of simple syrup, the juice of a fresh lemon, and a good dose of Hendricks Gin or something equally tasty. Shake vigorously.

Now, here’s the important bit: because apricot juice is viscous, more like a nectar, you’ll need to double-strain it. Pour the contents of the shaker both through its in-built strainer, and through a small mesh like a tea strainer. To serve, garnish with mint.


Nectar of the Gods



Hendricks Gin

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