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Flavour Match: Banana


The Banana Daiquiri is a simple, sweet cocktail that’s easy to make – and drink.


Bananas are so damn good that we’ve been cultivating them for at least 10,000 years – though we’ve only had the smarts to put them in Daiquiris for the last hundred. Invented by an American engineer on Daiquiri Beach, Cuba, the chilled cocktail went global when a US Admiral was given a sip…


Making a Frozen Banana Daiquiri is all too easy. First, you’ll need to dig out the blender (or whizzer-stick-thing). Pop in half a ripe banana and a handful of crushed ice. Shake in a teaspoon of sugar and squeeze in the juice of half a fresh lime.


Then, add a dash of triple sec and, finally, a good strong splash of your favourite rum. If you want to go Australian, Bundaberg makes a huge variety, while smaller distilleries like Inner Circle are making some beautiful stuff.


Once your blender’s full – and the lid’s on tightly – give all the ingredients a whizz. You might want to start out slowly with a couple of pulses to ensure the ice breaks up. When it’s nice and smooth, pour your Banana Daiquiri into a champagne flute (or whatever’s on hand) and garnish with a maraschino cherry. Go bananas.


Frozen Banana Daiquiri


Triple Sec





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