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Flavour Match: Coffee


The Espresso Martini is a perennial favourite, but this extra creamy variation is something else altogether.


Whether you’re ending your night or beginning the day after, a good Espresso Martini always feels just right. It marries two of life’s chief pleasures – coffee and the cocktail – like nothing else quite can. This particular variation, however, ups the ante with added cream.


First up, you’ll need a shot of freshly made espresso. Ultimately, the coffee’s going to end up cold, so if you can’t make it at home, get a takeaway cup from your local cafe.


Pour your espresso into an ice-filled cocktail shaker, or anything with a lid. Next, pour over a generous helping of good-quality vodka and follow that with a splash of Kahlua. Finally, spoon in a dollop of fresh cream. Seal your vessel and give all the ingredients a good shake.


Meanwhile, you’ll have rimmed your martini glass with brown sugar, so each sip gives you that burnt, caramel sweetness. Strain your ingredients into the martini glass, then fire up the coffee machine for another.


Creamy Espresso Martini





Brown Sugar

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