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Flavour Match: Drinks for Dessert


The Chocolate Punch is one of the most aptly named drinks in a long list of cocktails. Put simply, it’s a fistful of dessert in a single drink.


This decadent cocktail brings dessert and a refreshing after-dinner drink together as one course.


Made popular by the 1891 bible of mixology, The Flowing Bowl, the Chocolate Punch is, without question, the final word in creamy, chocolaty drinks.


To begin crafting your dessert-drink, take a standard issue cocktail shaker or jam jar filled with ice. Pour in a splash of delicious Cognac (ensuring you’ve tasted it liberally beforehand), followed by a dash of Ruby Port (though Australian fortified wine will do just fine).


Add a dash of dark crème de cacao and pour in a generous helping of thickened cream. And, if you’ve got an incurably sweet tooth, you can add a dash of sugar syrup, which is essentially sugar dissolved in water over a gentle heat.


While there are quite a few ingredients in the Chocolate Punch, there’s only one step: shake vigorously and strain into a cocktail glass. Finally, grate some freshly ground nutmeg over the top to serve.


And, the word from the professionals is that the Chocolate Punch is just so rich, it simply can’t be tackled solo. So drink with a friend.


Chocolate Punch


Ruby Port

Dark Crème de Cacao

Thickened Cream

Simple Syrup


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