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Flavour Match: Grapefruit


You might think all gin and tonics are born equal, but nothing could be further from the truth. Some gin varieties are infused with delicate botanical flavours after they’re distilled. Hendrick’s kicked off the trend with its admittedly brilliant cucumber-infused gin and committed barkeeps often infuse their own.

Tanqueray released its own botanically infused gin back in 2000, Tanqueray 10. Instead of the rose and cucumber flavours found in other varieties, the dominant tastes in Tanq 10 are citrus, the king among which is grapefruit.

Slightly bitter and slightly sweet, with a definite tang, grapefruit is an unmistakable flavour. So instead of trying to contrast the tastes already present in the Tanqueray 10, we suggest accentuating them even more with this grapefruit G&T.

There couldn’t be a simpler drink: fill a short glass with ice, and don’t be afraid to pile it in as gin and tonic really needs to be cold. Pour in a slug of Tanqueray 10, squeeze over the juice from a slice of grapefruit and top up with Schweppes Tonic Water.

 Finally, drop in a thick wedge of grapefruit and give your G&T a stir – your weekend has officially begun.


Grapefruit G&T

Tanqueray 10


Schweppes Tonic Water


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