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Flavour Match: Quince


Delicious quinces will still be in season for a few weeks, so get in while you can with this Gin Quince Sour.

One of the finest fruits to come into season during the cooler months is undoubtedly the quince. That yellow, slightly furry fruit might put a few people off at first, but quinces have a delicate fragrance and sweet, pink flesh once they’ve been cooked.

Normally, you prepare quinces by cutting them into slices, covering the pieces with sugar and water, and heating them on the stove over a low heat. The beauty of this method is that, apart from beautifully cooked fruit, you also end up with a sweet quince syrup that’s just begging to be made into a cocktail.

And what better match for the refined flavour of quince but Hendrick’s Gin? To make your Gin Quince Sour, take a cocktail shaker filled with ice and pour in an honest slosh of Hendrick’s. Next, pour in a splash of the quince syrup (this can be substituted for quince conserve if they’re not in season).

You’ll also need a dash of honey syrup for this recipe. It’s simple to make: just add two parts honey to one part warm water and you’re away.

Finally, squeeze over the juice from half a lemon, then shake. Strain into a small glass, top off with Schweppes Soda and serve garnished with lemon.


Gin Quince Sour

Quince Syrup

Hendricks Gin

Schweppes Soda

Honey Syrup


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