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Flavour Match: Rhubarb

Rhubarb is one of those flavours that rarely appear on the cocktail menu. But its slightly sweet, slightly tart taste makes for a perfect boozy iced tea


While tangy, sweet rhubarb is super simple to cook, it’s not often you see it on the cocktail list. But with a little preparation, it can make an unusual and extremely tasty iced tea.


This recipe is courtesy of the Cocktail Revolution’s old comrade Dave Kerr, who brews up his own Special Rhubarb and Mint Tea at The Beaufort, among his other flashes of cocktail wizardry.


First of all, Dave explains, you need to brew your rhubarb tea. Cut up eight cups worth of rhubarb and simmer it in an equal amount of water for about half an hour. Strain the liquid, then stir in a half a cup of sugar and the juice of a lemon. We probably don’t have to tell you this, but when you’re making your tea, please do remember not to eat rhubarb leaves: they’re poisonous.


To serve, tear some fresh mint leaves and sprinkle them in the bottom of a glass. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, add another spoonful of sugar. Then pour in your rhubarb tea and a swig of White Dog whiskey, which is a kind of clear, un-aged rye or bourbon.


Drop in a couple of ice cubes and give it a stir. Top it off with a dash of Schweppes Soda Water.








White Dog Whiskey

Schweppes Soda Water

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