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From South America with Love: The Caprioska


Stay in holiday mode by adding a South American staple to your repertoire.


Think back to some of your favourite holidays. Tropical beaches, music festivals, and street carnivals - all money well spent, bringing you priceless memories and a cultural experience that will stay with you forever.


So what were you drinking at the time? What kind of cocktail were you holding in your hand as you partied the night away and had the time of your life? For anyone who has had the pleasure of travelling around South America, odds are, you encountered an experience involving a caprioska or two.


The caprioska is a variation of Brazil's national cocktail, the caipirinha. With lime and brown sugar as the key ingredients, the caprioska simply substitutes the cachaca (fermented sugarcane juice) found in a caipirinha for vodka, and with a splash of soda water to finish, the caprioska is a more approachable and refreshing drink, which has been adopted by so many other South American nations.


Brimming with culture and ingenuity, this drink is easily created using ingredients close at hand and takes the edge off what can be an overwhelming spirit, offering a thirst-quenching beverage for South America's hot summer nights.


We remember our most treasured experiences via sight, sound, smell and taste, so why not relive the moment through a basic cocktail?


Take some time out of your day and invite some friends over to help out. No longer does holidaying have to be a distant memory - just create a caprioska. All you will need are some limes, brown sugar, vodka, soda water and ice.


Simply quarter a lime and drop into a glass, add a heaped teaspoon of brown sugar and muddle. Pour in a good dash of vodka, fill the glass with some crushed ice and top with Schweppes soda water.


Countless visitors to South America have enjoyed the caprioska's exotic balance of sweet and sour as a party staple, which is easy to make and even more enjoyable to drink. As we approach the warmer months, you'll be more than thankful for this piece of cocktail knowledge on the long, hot summer nights.

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