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My Favourite Cocktail Ingredient

This week, Heather Garland of Melbourne’s renowned The Everleigh, gives us the lowdown on her favourite cocktail ingredient, gifting us with a little advice and creative inspiration along the way.


When ordering cocktails, we often ask the bartender for their recommendations, or if we really trust their knowledge of our tastes and favourite ingredients, simply leave the decision up to them.


But what are our bartenders’ favourite ingredients? After all, they’re the ones, who are experimenting with such a vast range of offerings on a daily basis. We’ve taken the liberty to ask some bartenders exactly what their favourite cocktail ingredient is and, in the process, give us some creative ideas for our own drinks!


To kick things off, we headed to The Everleigh to have a brief chat with Heather (surname?):


I really enjoy using absinthe in cocktails because only a few dashes can add an aromatic nose to a cocktail, completely changing the flavours of the drink. Smell has such a strong influence on the way that we taste that even the smallest amount can add allot of complexity. Many of the popular classics have an absinthe rinsed cousin, like the quill from Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails, by Harry MacElhone




30ml sweet vermouth

30ml Campari

30ml gin

2 dashes absinthe


Serve on the rocks with a twist of orange.



Image Credit: Peter Tarasiuk


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