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Oslo Davis’ Fantasy Cocktail Party


Skippy was never invited to a cocktail party, but I’d like to invite her. She could play the drums and undo knots, so there’s no reason why that canny Eastern Grey couldn’t hold a martini glass.


Nine roos took turns as the roo in a total of ninety-one episodes of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, filmed from 1966 to 1968. So, to be equitable, I’d invite all nine to my cocktail party. Granted, that’s a lot of faeces to deal with. And you’d probably need Garry Pankhurst there to interpret the Skippys' language. Garry was the child actor who played Sonny. He now manages restaurants. Garry was in an ABC TV documentary a few years ago and said it took him 35 years, “to really come to terms with what Skippy meant, and what my part in Skippy was all about”. That same documentary alleged that some females of the cast were forced to wear miniskirts and were filmed surreptitiously by the male crew during filming breaks.

I’d also like to invite Rags the Kangaroo to my cocktail party. Rags, you might remember, was the nine-year-old giant red kangaroo who attacked Marty the Monster on the Early Bird Show in the mid-1980’s. As Fritz, his handler says in the YouTube clip of the attack, Rags was also in a tele-movie called Darlings of the Gods (1989), a biographical dramatisation of the tempestuous marriage of actors Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh.


Image credit: Oslo Davis

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