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Owl Eyes’ Cocktail Cabinet


Musician Owl Eyes it a typical of so many young drinkers, she loves cocktails and has developed a bit of a knack for enjoying them without breaking the bank. Although her cocktail cabinet might be a little sparse at the time of writing this, she does offer some very sage advice for young people looking to move into the sophisticated drinks at home world.


I wish I could tell you about my cocktail cabinet, but full disclosure, at the moment it’s a sad site with a faithful bottle of red and the expected six-pack of beer many 20-somethings can recognize from their own home drinking situation.


Despite the evidence, I am actually a big fan of cocktails; and although my current situation might not suggest it, I don’t believe they should be banished to the realms of big nights and bank account blowouts. I love a quality domestic drinking session, and I have a few handy hints to help keep your cocktail game homebound. You’ll have to take my word that this advice comes from the many occasions I actually have a decent cocktail bar at home—even if it’s a bit wine and beer heavy at the moment.


First up: my personal tip for keeping an under 30s liquor cabinet well stocked is to get out of the habit of buying a bottle and polishing it off in the same night. Variety is key and the more options you have, the further your taste buds can roam the fancy drink domain. After all, no matter what you’re making, you don’t taste it after half a bottle of vodka.


I also recommend stocking up on a surplus of cocktail embellishments. World class garnishing and glassware can help you maintain a classy façade, even if what you’ve shaken and stirred can be filed nearer to “bin juice” then “blissful”. Turn your Pony into a Boney (for all my Melbourne folk out there) by keeping a kit of tiny umbrellas, hanging animals, novelty stirring sticks, and hollowed out coconuts on hand at all times. That reminds me, I need to add ‘hollowed out coconuts’ to all of my future rider lists. 


Trust me, no one will worry about the age of your rum if it’s served in a tropical fruit. While you’re feeling exotic, look up what flowers growing in your area are edible. Assuming they’re not poisonous, throw a handful of those in. Don’t be shy, just because you’re at home in your pajamas, it doesn’t mean your drink can’t be dressed up.


My personal taste buds have matured over time. While I was once fond of the cocktail of regret known as Cruisers, and have indulged in my fair share of Goon Of Fortune (is this an Olympic sport yet?), my current favorite twisted and shaken tipple is a little guy known as a Dark and Stormy (no relation to my current single Hurricane and upcoming accompanying east coast tour run in October…ahem).


When I’m feeling creative at home this is my first choice, it’s also ideal for the home cocktail game. It’s simple. Get a bit of white rum, top it up with some dry ginger ale and add some lemon to garnish. Despite the wintry title, it suits any climate. Pour it into a highball glass or a hollow coconut, add a tiny paper umbrella, and you’re laughing—while still watching CSI.

Check out how to make a Dark n Stormy 

Photos by Brooke Addamo

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