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Pineapple Infused Rum

Combining two of summer's great cocktail making joys, pineapple infused rum is a recipe you'll be sure to cherish for life.


Pineapples and rum: clichés aside, these two ingredients are reminiscent of tropical islands, the summer season and party times. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that when combined in an inventive infusion, the end result is just right for fun, finger lickin' cocktails.


Perfect with a fresh, ripe pineapple and either light, white rum or golden, spiced rum, this infusion can be used rather effectively in pina coladas (obviously!), will add a fruitful kick to a basic dark and stormy, and will lift the profile of a classically crafted daiquiri.


So without further ado, we'd like to present you with the recipe to a summer inspired infusion:


  • 1 ripe, medium pineapple
  • 2 cups of white or golden, spiced rum


After removing the pineapple's head, peel the fruit and remove the core. Slice the fruit into spears and then add to a sterilised 1-litre jar. Next, pour your chosen rum into the jar and seal, allowing to infuse for up to three days. To finish, strain the rum into a different sterilised jar or bottle and the rum is ready to go!



Image Credit: CIAT

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