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Strawberry Infused Bourbon

Combine fresh, ripe strawberries, with some sweet bourbon to create an ideal summer infusion.


An obscure flavour combination, the mix of strawberries and bourbon is a taste that you really need to try to believe. In blending the sweet, mellow undertones of the bourbon with the freshness, vibrancy and colour provided by the strawberries, you're left with an approachable and fruit driven beverage that highlights the best flavours in each ingredient and takes away the alcoholic harshness associated with the stiff drink.


But the best part about this infusion is its versatility in the world of cocktail creating. Think of the whole range of bourbon-inspired classics - the mint julep, the Manhattan, the basil bourbon sour. Whether you're keen on jazzing up some traditional recipes or making your own variation on the theme, this handcrafted option offers any cocktail lover endless possibilities.


By making the most out of summer's seasonal ingredients and your spare holiday time, you'll end up with a treat that won't disappoint and will surely keep your tastebuds happy.


So with all that in mind, simply cast your eyes on the recipe below and create yourself a summer cocktail worthy of the fun and inspiring infusion.



You'll need:


½kg fresh strawberries

750ml bourbon


Rinse the strawberries, remove their leafy heads and halve or quarter them depending on how large they are. Next, place the strawberries in a sealable glass jar - at least one litre in capacity.


Pour the bourbon over the strawberries, and then seal your jar. Store in a cool, dark place for at least seven days, remembering to shake the contents of the jar once each day.


To finish, strain the mixture into a sterilised bottle, making sure you remove as much debris, which has been sitting in the jar as possible. Keep for up to a month. 

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