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The Long Island Iced Tea


Gin, tequila, vodka, rum and triple sec. Who would’ve ever thought that the flavour bases of these spirits could actually combine to create a highly drinkable cocktail? Well, a man by the name of Robert ‘Rosebud”’ But, just in case you’re wondering.


Before we go on, you should probably know that it’s been disputed that the Long Island Iced Tea was first invented in the 1920s, when bartenders would simply blend whatever they had left with some honey to make it drinkable. Although this does make some sense, Rosebud’s prized story is one worth telling (and believing) instead!


So, the year was 1972, and after finding himself in a cocktail-making competition, which involved the mandatory use of triple sec, bartender Rosebud simply put his imagination to good use and combined whatever he could find in front of him. Ironically, without the use of any real logic, good old Rosebud simply combined the five alcohols and used the age-old cocktail making trick of adding sugar syrup and a sweet mixer to make hide any shortcomings. The result? All-round popularity amongst the crowd and an instant house special at Rosebud’s bar, The Oak Beach Inn. Just in case you’re wondering, there’s even a great website dedicated to the man’s achievements.


Cheers to Long Island Iced Tea.


  • 15ml vodka
  • 15ml tequila
  • 15ml gin
  • 15ml white rum
  • 15ml triple sec
  • 25ml Schweppes lemon juice cordial
  • 30ml sugar syrup
  • dash of cola
  • ice


Mix ingredients in glass over plenty of ice, stir and then add a lemon wedge to garnish.



Image Credit: Maxime Guilbot

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