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The Summer Plum Smash


One of our favourite, in-season summer delights is stone fruit, and we’ve got a smashing recipe for a stone-fruit cocktail with plums. More tart than apricots, peaches or nectarines, plums have a distinct perfumed flavour.

This recipe is from one of our favourite new books, Shake, by Eric Prum and Josh Williams, two cocktail engineers from Brooklyn. Called the Summer Plum Smash, this delicious drink twists plums’ inherent sweetness with a herbal infusion of thyme 

To make it, throw three cubes of cane sugar, four sprigs of thyme and four small plums, with the pits removed and cut into quarters, into a shaker. Muddle vigorously, making sure all the sugar cubes are dissolved.

Fill the rest of the shaker with ice and squeeze over it the juice of one lemon. Add a generous dose of gin – Beefeaters for example – and shake, seriously. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with another sprig of thyme.


Summer Plum Smash





Cane Sugar

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