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Unlikely Ingredients


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Although most alcohols are derived from a small pool of grains, they’re by no means limited to them. With a bit of patients and ingenuity, alcohol can be coxed out of a surprising amount of ingredients, although some are more appealing than others. Vodka made from the sap of maple trees is popular in areas of Canada, where it’s warm undertones make it an interesting substitute for rum in cocktails. Milk sugars can also be fermented to produce a strangely appealing and surprisingly lactose free variety of vodka.

Several vegetables like carrots can also be used for the base of wines and spirits. Carrot wine is made in homes all over the world due to its simplicity and relatively few ingredients. It only takes a day to make the wines base, but then needs for ferment for six months. When fermentation is complete it can be kept for up to three years.

Carrot wine may have a certain homemade appeal, but the increasingly popular use of sauerkraut in cocktails doesn’t. Several bars around the world have begun using its juice along with pickled water and beet juice for ranges of drinks described as, “Pickle jar to martini glass”.

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