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V for Victory: 5 Classic Vodka Cocktails

Everyone loves a good Vodka cocktail. And when we say everyone, we of course mean people aged 18 or over. Try these delicious recipes to really get your taste-buds salivating.


Vodka Mojito

Possibly the most loved cocktail in the world, this is a true classic. Perfect when by the beach, watching volley-ballers play in slow motion.

1 VodkaMojito
 2 Vodka and Tonic  

Vodka and Tonic

Who knew making a Vodka and Tonic was so easy? Finally a step-by-step guide to making your own.


Moscow Mule

(Insert your own “this sure has a kick in it!” comment)

 3 Moscow Mule
 4 TheBlackness  

The Blackness

It’s so easy to make it look you know exactly what you’re doing. Serve this up and your friends will be as impressed as they were when you did a backflip on a moving skateboard.


Blood Orange Cosmopolitan

A blood soaked twist on the famous Cosmopolitan. Its Scarface meets Sex in the City.

 5 BloodOrangeCosmo

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