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VICE Cocktail Challenge: Sydney


It’s heating right up in Sydney, so the ideal scenario was to create a cocktail that could be enjoyed sitting on our rooftop and soaking up the sun at the end of the day. Tropical relaxation in the big city.

I went on a bit of a fridge raid and realised that none of us are chronic food hoarders. Apart from a half eaten burrito (decided against using that), the only food scraps we could find were a couple of kiwi fruits. We decided to use them and pay homage to our resident Kiwi: Jamie Brewer.

Sifting through the small scraps of alcohol samples that we had left, I found some white rum.  So I smashed up the Kiwi fruit, added a generous dash of Bundy and a touch of citrus.

I grabbed some ice and shook it all up, then dumped in a glass. In order to add the sweetness, I topped it up with Lemonade and a splash of Ginger Ale. Garnish with a fruity wheel and you’ve got yourself a Carribean Kiwi

We even got the Brewer seal of approval. Choice, bro!


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