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What Cocktails Say About You


New Year’s is a time of refection where we ask the big questions. Who am I? Who do I want to be? What about myself and my life can I change next year? What does ordering a vodka soda say about me?

We have no doubt you’ve stood at a bar ordering your favourite cocktail and wondered if you’re really telling people more than that you like your martinis dry. Over at Thrillist they’ve obviously been kept up at night by the same questions, as they’ve developed a guide to what your drink of choice is really telling people.

For example: the aforementioned vodka soda—you’re all about the booze without the calories or taste, you’re here to drink. Sure you’re like, oh that’s not me, I’m a gin and tonic—classy right? Well maybe, but maybe you also pop your collar and have pine scented candles in your apartment.

Look at yourself and your drinks in a different light in 2014, and whatever you do, don’t order the cheapest beer. 


Check out What does your drink say about you?

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