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What to do with... Bacon


There is really only one cocktail that has been made in the history of the universe that is able to be drunk at breakfast.

It’s called a Bloody Mary. And it’s amazing. Scour the site and you’ll find a couple of recipes of varying degrees of complexity and strength. All of them will take kindly to a nice little bit of bacon grease in the mix and a charred rasher as a garnish. It makes prefect sense to combine these two pillars of the hangover community into one neat package.

If you’re a little more into your bacon than should be allowed by common sense or the heart foundation then we’ve got a little treat for you. A while ago, in New York, a hidden bar called PDT (Please Don’t Tell) starting popularising a particular infusion technique through one of their biggest selling drinks. They make a bacon Old Fashioned, but their infusion process is what really sets the drink apart.

You’ll need to sacrifice a bottle of booze to make this work and the amount you use is dependent solely on how much you like bacon. We recommend dark spirits for this; think a punchy rye or a big bourbon.


Fat Washed Booze

You’ll Need:

100mls (or more) bacon fat

1 bottle of bourbon

1 funnel

1 freezer

1 fine strainer

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