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What to do with... Capsicum


Are you one of those people that loves to have friends round and rejoice at the look on their faces when they realise that you’re the second coming of Martha Stewart? Yeah, us neither.

But you can channel some inner prison days Martha will a little help from this tutorial to incorporating capsicum into your cocktail routine.

The capsicum itself has great flavour, and green seems to match up best for most purposes. That tangy, peppery bite that comes from the cap’ can be harnessed as a great garnish or as Martha would have you believe as a cocktail vessel.

The clever blokes over at West Winds Gin, which is made in Wester Australia from a host of natural Australian ingredients turned to capsicum when looking for an alternative garnish for their G&T. A long thin strip of green capsicum in the place of your lime, lemon or ever trending cucumber is just the ticket to add a bit of depth and zing to your G&T. Make sure you remove all seeds and work vertically on the cap. Ideally you want to get a little protruding out the top of the glass so you can have the aid of aroma too.

As for the other part of the project, it’s possible to use the capsicum as a vessel for just about any drink. You want to go for the biggest possible caps you can get to maximise your drink volume. Using a sharp knife, lop the top of your cap off. You can pull the centre and seeds out using your hands, and you want to clean out the rest to make sure you don’t get any seeds in yours straw. Do a little test with some water first to make sure you’ve got a watertight cap. Make hundreds and invite all your friends round to marvel in your genius. The flavour of the capsicum will permeate into your drinks and give them a little bit of zing.


West Winds G&T

  • 45mls West Winds Cutlass Gin
  • LOADS of ice
  • Top with Schweppes Indian Tonic Water
  • Garnish with a capsicum skewer

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