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What to do with… Coconuts


There was a heyday that we don’t really talk about, back when blue cocktails were a legitimate and non-ironic drink to order at a bar, and Malibu and Midori dominated cocktail lists. We call it the disco era. It was all about fake ingredients and synthesised flavours. Thankfully, we’re now in an era where fresh is best and drinking is more about quality than quantity.

This means that flavours like coconut are coming back into favour, but not how they used to be. Fresh coconuts are readily available year round and the emergence of coconut water means that bartenders are back in love with the flavour.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as drilling a hole in a coconut and then throwing some rum in it. Coconut water tends to be a little, well, watery, so it doesn’t make for the greatest cocktail. Instead, drain some coconut water out, add a little lemon and sugar (along with your favourite spirit), then add about 100ml of coconut water back in. Suddenly, you’ve got one of the coolest drinking vessels and a tasty summer beverage. Just make sure you plan a little plinth in case you need to put it down somewhere – those little suckers will roll away on you.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try out this tasty Tiki-style beverage:


Coconut Mai Tai

100ml Coconut water

50ml pineapple juice

50ml dark rum

10ml Orange Curacao

25ml lime juice

20ml Orgeat syrup


Shake it all up and pour back into your coconut or similar vessel using a funnel.



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