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What To Do With… Cucumber

There’s a lot more to do with this delicious, refreshing vegetable than slicing it for your gin and tonic.


While nothing goes better with a Hendricks and Tonic (forget lemon), there are some even more captivating uses for the humble cucumber – like, for example, the Rosarita Highball.


To make your tasty Rosarita, first you’ll need to select some tequila.


Australia is in the midst of a love affair with this Mexican liquor, which means you’ll be able to do better than buying a bottle that wears a little hat. Getting one’s head around tequila is a lifetime’s work, but as a very general rule, it’s like whiskey: the older the better. That said, tequila’s also like wine: whites are often more interesting when they’re young. But most importantly, whether young or old, be sure to choose a tequila that’s 100 per cent Agave – otherwise it’s just tequila-flavoured liquor.


If that hasn’t made things any easier, don’t worry, just unscrew the little hat on the top of the bottle and add a good splash to your cocktail shaker, half-full of ice.


Then add a dash of cassis – a rich, red liqueur made from blackcurrants – and squeeze over the juice of half a lime.


Stick the lid on your mixer and shake the devil out of your concoction.


Grab a sieve and strain the Rosarita into a highball glass. Then, top off the glass with Schweppes Ginger Ale.


Finally, garnish your Rosarita with a couple of slices of refreshing cucumber. For something cool, cut a thin wafer lengthways down the cucumber, thread it along a wooden skewer in a kind of wave, and rest it in your glass.


Rosarita Highball





Schweppes Ginger Ale



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