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What to do with… Ice cream


No matter the season, there always seems to be ice cream in the freezer. It’s there with that equally inexplicable bag of frozen peas. It might not sound like a great idea to go mixing it with a carbonated beverage, but think back to childhood, remember the flavour sensation that was the ‘spider’ and it all starts to come together. Only this time, we’re adding a little bit of booze to brighten the party.


There’s a host of classic drinks that call for cream and ice cream is a great substitute here. The Golden Cadillac is a great choice. Try an updated version with:


The Golden Cadillac

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1 shot of orange juice

2 shots of Galliano Vanilla liqueur

Schweppes Agrum Blood Orange


For something a little different – and to take care of the chocolate portion of your Neapolitan – you could opt for a something a little more adventurous.


50ml Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Dollop of chocolate ice cream

Top with Pepsi

Build ingredients in a tall glass. Garnish with some grated chocolate and serve with a spoon.





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