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What to do with… Leftover Wine


First World problems come in many forms, though few are greater than the leftover wine dilemma. Let it sit and wait for it turn to vinegar, take the plunge and drink off wine or get creative.

We’ve compiled our top three suggestions as to what to do with leftover wine:


1. The street youth of Spain’s Basque country are an inventive and resourceful lot. Having access to a vast amount of cheap and terrible red wine, their palates demanded something a little more. They took cola and mixed it through their red wine, making what we know today as Kalimotxo (say ‘calimocho’). Ever more resourceful, the wayward youth also figured out how to redistill their concoction into the common ‘goon bag’ for ease of distribution. Don’t knock this tasty mix up until you try it.



Equal Parts:

Leftover Red Wine


Serve over ice with a slice of orange if it’s a little warmer.


2. Ski lodges all carry the same scent. It’s a distinct blend of hot chips and mulled wine. The entrepreneurial lodge owners have some of the best margins on drinks in the world, charging exorbitant amounts for the mulled blend of spices and hot, old wine. To get those après vibes at home without the annoyance of heading to a ski field try this recipe…


Blood Orange Mulled Wine

In a large pot, place:

1 bottle of Red Wine

Splash of Grand Marnier

4 blood oranges

Dollop of honey

2 cinnamon sticks

A few cloves

Star Anise


Gently simmer the contents until the beautiful smell permeates the room and is just too hot to drink. Serve up with an orange peel next to an open fireplace.


3. For those summer occasions when you don’t quite finish that second bottle of Marlborough sauvignon blanc and it’s not an appropriate setting to finish it off the next morning, a summer sangria might be the perfect solution.


Summer Sangria

Cut up a selection of:

Grapes, strawberries, oranges, apples and lemon. Cover them in sugar to preserve for up to a week.

To a large jug add:

Up to a bottle of White Wine

2 big spoonfuls of your fruit mix

Contents of 1 fresh passionfruit, or 1 tin

Top with Schweppes Agrum White Grape and Passionfruit

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