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What to do with... Mango


The first criss cross you make into the cheek of a mango, for many, signals the start of summer proper. Flipping inside out to reveal the towering pillars of mango and then devouring them is one of the greatest culinary pleasures known to man.

For the rest of the year we suffice with frozen mango cheeks and purees, and they just never quite get there on the satisfaction scale. It is for this reason that we stress the following recipe should only be attempted in season with fresh mangos to avoid ultimate disappointment.

The beach clubs of the world with their well meaning but ultimately hack bartenders have managed to desecrate the mango daiquiri to a liquid that is a shadow of its originally intended self. There is but one way to make this drink and forever more you will sneer at those bartenders that operate those poolside bars on holiday islands.


The Real Mango Daiquiri

45mls Havana Club 3 year old white rum

25mls lime juice

25mls sugar

2 mango cheeks, skin removed

1 cup (exactly) of ice


Place all of these ingredients in a blender. The amount of ice is critical, too little, your drink goes watery; too much, it’s a highway to brain freeze.

Replace the blender lid and blend on high. You want to stop the moment that all ingredients are combined and you have that perfect slushy consistency.

Place into a cocktail glass and garnish with an umbrella - we have to admit those pool boy bartenders got that bit right!

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