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What to do with… Mint


Mint is a great herb. It grows easily, its smell is magnificently refreshing and it lends itself to cocktails like no other green plant. Best of all, it’s cheap and it’s one of the easiest to grow at home – in abundance.


So whether you’ve grabbed it straight from the market or out of the backyard, here’s some great suggestions for what to do with mint.




50ml White Rum

7 Leaves and 1 Sprig of mint

25ml Lime Juice

20ml Sugar Syrup

Crushed Ice

Soda Water


In a highball glass, add rum, lime juice, sugar and mint leaves. Letting the leaves sit in the liquid for a second while you prep your ice is a great way to extract the flavour from the mint.


Place your ice in the middle of a tea towel, fold it over to cover the ice and proceed to bash it as hard as possible. Crushed ice is essential for a good Mojito.


Top the glass to the brim with crushed ice and use a long spoon to churn the ingredients together.


Add a splash of soda water to the top, fill with more crushed ice.


Garnish with a big mint sprig right next to the straw. This will ensure that you have an overwhelming aroma of mint every time you take a sip, which really is the essence of this drink.




50ml Gin (sub Vodka if you like)

5 mint leaves

25ml Lime Juice

20ml Sugar Syrup


In a cocktail shaker, add all ingredients. Fill your shaker entirely with ice and shake vigorously. Using your strainer, strain into a Martini glass or coupette. Try using a tea strainer to strain through to make sure you don’t end up with mint floating in your drink. Use a mint leaf floating on top for your aromatic garnish.

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