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What to do with… Peaches


Peaches are another of the fleeting seasonal stonefruit that, when at the peak of their curve, are so delicious that you’ll be miserable without them for the other 11 months of the year.

In drinks, they are a powerful flavour, but have to be applied correctly for maximum effect. Cutting up a fresh peach and throwing it in a shaker isn’t really going to cut it. To extract the flavour it’s necessary to reduce your peachy friends to a puree and then have a go at some of the tastier drinks ever created.                

You’ll need a food processer or stick blender to make your puree. Be sure to remove the stones, even the best blades take offense to the seeds. A little bit of sugar syrup in the mix helps to blend the peaches better and add a touch of sweetness that will be critical to the balance of your drinks.

Because you’ve made it fresh, your puree isn’t going to last all that long, so best to make smaller amounts and use it all in one go. White peaches are the best for this purpose, but sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got. Tinned peaches are the obvious substitution at any other time of the year, but you’ll have to convince yourself you’ve forgotten how good fresh ones are.

Once you’ve made a tasty puree, try a couple of these:



  • 90ml Champagne
  • 60ml peach nectar
  • Schweppes Agrum 


Peach Fizz

  • 45mls gin
  • 25mls lemon juice
  • 20mls sugar syrup
  • 40mls peach puree
  • 1 egg white
  • Schweppes Soda Water


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