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What to do with... Raspberries


At some stages during the year raspberries are abundant and drop below a price that is equivalent to their weight in gold. For raspberry lovers a fresh punnet lasts merely minutes, as you can’t get enough of those tiny little pearls of flavour. 

For the rest of the year we are relegated to the frozen variety that barely do justice to the freshness supplied by a punnet from the market. It is possible to make these frozen imitators into a tasty syrup that will keep for some time and let you live the fresh raspberry love vicariously through a delicious beverage.


For these recipes, you’ll need sugar, water and frozen raspberries.

To a large pot add:

3kg caster sugar

2L water (per boiled)

1kg raspberries

Add all ingredients to a pan and allow to simmer until the sugar has dissolved completely. Pass the syrup through a fine strainer to remove all the pips.


Once you’ve got your syrup, try it out on a couple of drinks, or go for broke on your own mixing adventure.


Raspberry Summer Cooler

50mls raspberry syrup

25mls fresh lemon juice

Top With Soda

Serve these drinks over ice with a slice of lemon and a fresh raspberry (if you can afford them)


Clover Club

50mls gin

25mls raspberry syrup

20mls lemon juice

1 egg white

Shake all the ingredients together with ice. You’ll need to shake hard and fast to get the egg white nice and frothy. Strain them out, making sure to strain the frothy egg white for an exceptional texture in this tasty classic. 

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