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What to do with... Rum

If you’re feeling winter’s frosty bite, let these cocktail help you escape to somewhere warmer. With the right ingredients, imagination and perhaps some fake tan, you’ll be in a tropical paradise before you know it.


Thumb Cubana

Cubana Cocktail

Taste your tastebuds to the streets of Havana, lose yourself to the music and shake what your mama gave ya. Viva la Cubana!


Another classic Cuban drink with five magical ingredients guaranteed to bring back the freshness of summer. Have enough and you’ll feel the warmth too.

Thumb Mojito
Thumb SingaporeSling

Singapore Sling

It’s hot, humid and you’re on a rooftop overlooking Singapore Harbour sipping on a refreshing glass of deliciousness. Shhhh, just keep your eyes closed and go with it…

Mai Tai

One sip of this tropical concoction and you’ll sail away to Tahiti before you know it. Surrounded by lush fruit trees, endless blue seas and irresistible Schweppervesence..

Thumb MaiTai
Thumb PinaColada

Pina Colada

Here’s your express ticket to the Love Boat, as it skims the aqua waters of the Caribbean. There’s a slight sea breeze, gorgeous people and you’ve just ordered your second. Life is good.



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