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What to do with... Tequila

Tequila: she’s the most misunderstood spirit. Introduced to most young revelers as a cheap and nasty shot, many choose to stay clear of this devil juice as they get older. But, treat her properly and this Mexican minx will show you a good time—without the regretful mornings.



1. The Wise Sage

A classy way to enjoy the fine nuances of good tequila, the Wise Sage is a refreshing way to ease back into the relationship.

0000 1. The Wise Sage
0001 2. Margarita  

2. Margarita

The grand lady of Mexico, Margarita will embrace you with open arms. At once, you’ll be seduced by her complex flavours, her salty-sweet persona and her sour persuasions. Let go and just enjoy it.


3. El Jeffe

Spice things up with a hit of chili or paprika, and the start the party with a bang. Before you know it, your taste buds have gone all Aztec.

 0002 3. El Jeffe
 0003 4. Rosarita Highball  

4. Rosarita Highball

The Rosarita is like a party in your mouth with a mariachi band in full swing. Then someone throws a lime and a cucumber and all hell breaks loose. In a good way.


5. Bloody Mariah

This classic concoction has been known to revive the dead. Just knock back one of these and tell evil morning spirits where to go. 

 0004 5. Bloody Maria


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