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What to do with... Watermelon


The watermelon is, by indication of its name, quite watery. This makes it tough to work with and really get the essence of the flavour. However, there are a few ways to work around it and get the most from your melon.

The easiest and most tested way is the old watermelon drench. Take to your watermelon with decent sized drill, then fill the resulting hole with your liquor of choice, be it gin, vodka or whatever is in the cupboard. A day to rest allows the watermelon to infuse and the result is a tasty, boozy, summery treat.

The next option is to use a centrifugal juicer. Youll loose a bit in the process and its not the cheapest juice in the world, but it sure is delicious. To combat the watery nature of the juice, try adding a little fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup to bring out the flavour of the watermelon. Again, vodka and gin are the natural bedfellows for making this into a neat little tipple.

You can also mess around your watermelon in chunks and try your hand at the age-old cocktail making method of muddling. It helps to break down the watermelon, release its flavour and make your drink look pretty. Try a Watermelon Smash for a simple start to exploring drinks with a watermelon theme.


Watermelon Smash

5 chunks of watermelon

45mls gin

20mls lemon juice

10mls pomegranate syrup (1/2 pom juice, ½ caster sugar)

Top with Schweppes Agrum Citrus


Muddle the watermelon in a tall glass. Build the rest of the ingredients and be sure to give the drink a churn to spread out the watermelon goodness. 

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