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What to do with... WIne

Using a few ingredients, wine of all varieties can be transformed to create an intriguing cocktail.


You opened a bottle of wine a few days ago and only drank a glass or two. Not really wanting to waste your purchase, the bottle remained but has now gone slightly bad. Never fear, you have just been presented with the perfect beverage mixing opportunity.

Sangria is a Spanish classic, which cleverly enhances the qualities of any chosen wine. The process used has been pioneered for centuries and is now enjoyed all over the world as a refreshing and flavoursome beverage, simply created by blending some wine and creativity.

Whether using red or white wine of any quality, the method to mixing the drink is easy. Pour all of the wine into a jug, with a dash of brandy and honey, along with some orange and pear or apple slices. Finish with a glass of orange juice to balance and a glass of soda water for slight carbonation. Add ice and you're in business. Boom. 

For white wine, follow the exact same steps, switching the orange slices with lemon or lime, the juice option for apple and soda water or some Schweppes dry ginger ale. 

The above suggestions only form a loose guide, meaning that a little creativity is encouraged. If you think of the wine you are using as a blank canvas, and the ingredients you add as enhancers that match your personal preferences, you can't go astray. Purees, cordials and a dash of sugar syrup can also help out.

An inspiring way to rethink the way you drink wine, this easy favourite has been around for centuries for good reason, and is surely to impress not only yourself, but anyone you decide to share it with!

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