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What to do with... Cucumber No.2


Cucumbers are awesome. They spend a lot of time on sandwiches, but they’re use in drinks is a relatively new revelation. Juicing a cucumber yields not much more than a murky green water based substance, but there are ways to get flavor and freshness from cucumbers in drinks if you play your cards right.

Hendricks Gin was a pioneer it decided to add the essence of rosewater and cucumber to their quirky gin concoction. Then preaching the perfect serve with some fresh cucumber in place of the requisite citrus wedge had the overnight effect of people loosing their minds over this ingenious garnish. It’s not just Hendricks that works well with cucumber, although it makes the most sense. The fresh aroma adds delightfully to the G&T experience, but some might find they yearn for the added bite of citrus. Be sure to give it a whirl next time you opt for a G&T for thirst quenching duties.

The cucumber also makes its appearance as a staple in the line up of ingredients to be added to The Pimm’s Cup. Using it in any jug based cocktail where you’re refreshing a large hoard of people can freshen up the drink and make it look like a delightful English summer garden party.

A little muddled cucumber in a drink is perfect for freshness. Try a little spin on the classic Southside cocktail with The Eastside:

  • 50mls Gin
  • 25mls Lime
  • 20mls Sugar
  • 3 Slices Cucumber
  • 5 Mint Leaves

Add the cucumber to your shaker and muddle it with a stick or rolling pin.

Add all the other ingredients, and shake with ice. Be sure to double strain to make sure you don’t get any floaty mint bits. Strain into a cocktail glass and enjoy on a grassy knoll with some beagles and a couple of cucumber sandwiches. 

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