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Fat Washed Booze


  • 100mls (or more) bacon fat
  • 1 bottle of bourbon
  • 1 funnel
  • 1 freezer
  • 1 fine strainer


  1. Empty 100mls of booze from your bottle.
  2. Using a funnel, add your bacon grease into the bottle. Straight after cooking works, as it will still be liquid.
  3. Replace the lid on the bottle FIRMLY
  4. Vigorously shake the bottle and watch the bacon fat permeate your favourite liquor.
  5. Place upright in the fridge.
  6. When the fat has risen to the top and solidified, you can remove it from the fridge
  7. Poke a hole through the solid fat that will have frozen at the top.
  8. Pour the liquid out, making sure to use a fine strainer to stop the fat.
  9. Now make an Old Fashioned. Try substituting sugar for maple syrup!


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